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September 2020 Encouragement

God’s pathway to revival and the pushback of evil is prayer and repentance.
God is inviting us to experience times of refreshing. 9/24/20
The world needs a Church that's awake and watching. 9/23/20
A Nineveh Moment. 9/22/20
Is it good, right and true? 9/17/20
Thank God we can stand on and with the Word of God. 9/16/20
The Word of God is Faithful and True. No deception there. 915/20
Is is for Jesus? 9/11/20
God says, "Consider your ways." 9/10/20
Rise up Church and let's seize this moment. 9/8/20
God is speaking today and He's got a word for you. 9/3/20
Now is the time to let our light shine for Jesus. 9/2/20
When the law is paralyzed justice goes perverted. 9/1/20