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October 2021 Encouragement

Knowing what not to do will help you know what to do. 10/30/21
God's desire is for His kids to be enlightened. 10/29/21
Are you resentful of God’s generosity? 10/28/21
These are the Noah-is-loading -the-ark Days. 10/22/21
For multitudes, no matter how much they see, they’ll never see. 10/21/21
God honors our faith in His authority. 10/20/21
Even Jesus blessed the food. 10/18/21
"In this world you will have trouble." JESUS 10/17/21
When you partner with Holy Spirit you operate beyond your ability. 10/15/21
Today is a great day to turn to Jesus. 10/14/21
All God's promises are yes and amen. 10/13/21
How should we live in this generation? 10/12/21
Jesus said the hidden things would be uncovered. And they are! 10/11/21
According to your faith be it done to you. 10/9/21
To live is Christ; to die is gain. 10/8/21
Is God turned toward you or away from you? 10/7/21
“Judge not…” A most quoted and misunderstood verse in our day. 10/4/21
Revival is in the land. 10/2/21
Any choice against obeying God leads to regret. 10/1/21