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October 2020 Encouragement

The fruit of their lives reveals the root of their beliefs. 10/31/20
God will bless you when you honor what He honors. 10/30/20
“Return, faithless ‘America,’ declares the Lord.”
"You will be hated." Jesus promised. 10/27/20
We are God's representatives on earth. 10/22/20
Do what God is telling you to do. 10/21/20
Embrace what God is saying to you. 10/20/20
Don't panic. God has declared the end from the beginning. 10/19/20
Whose favor are you trying to win? 10/16/20
God's heritage is to the one who conquers. 10/15/20
Are you also still without understanding? 10/14/20
God has a way to gauge my love for Him. 10/13/20
It's a Test. 10/12/20