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November 2021 Encouragement

No wonder satan tries to convince us miracles are not for today. 11/22/21
Thanks & Giving: The two go together. 11/20/21
Hearing God’s voice is more important now than ever before. 11/19/21
The promises of God are for us now. 11/18/21
What do you do when people hate you because of Jesus. 11/17/21
Jesus keeps it simple: “follow Me.” 11/15/21
Is the Lord Jesus Christ worthy of your time? 11/15/21
Don’t sell your soul; serve Jesus. 11/12/21
Oil less. Powerless. Foolish. Dead religion. 11/10/21
Rich people are those who live right by God. 11/9/21
No human saved, satanic trackers & luciferase. 11/4/21
Many are called; few are chosen. What makes the difference? 11/3/21
God rubs it in the face of the gods. 11/2/21
The law of the Lord revives. 11/1/21