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November 2020 Encouragement

Time spent with God is time well spent. 11/23/20
As the Church goes, so goes the Nation. 11/19/20
The love of God does not partner with a lying tongue. 11/18/20
Jesus said, "You will be hated by all nations." Wonder why? 11/16/20
You've got to show up to get what God wants to give you. 11/13/20
What's a Christian supposed to do? 11/12/20
It’s time to re-dig the wells of our forefathers. 11/11/20
What most Christians need is endurance. 11/9/20
Doing right by God benefits a nation. 11/6/20
Don’t be distracted by what you see or hear. Trust and obey. 11/5/20
Your vote is your agreement; your “amen.” Vote the Bible. 11/3/20
You learn a lot about the character of people by seeing who likes and hates them. 11/2/20