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May 2021 Encouragement

How to live in a twisted generation. 5/26/21
The best praying you can do. 5/24/21
Don't fall for human cunning. 5/21/21
Why is truth being suppressed? 5/20/21
Embrace God’s love for you today. 5/19/21
God's love will never fail. 5/18/21
For such a time as this. 5/14/21
Pastor Artur Pawlowski ARRESTED in Canada!
Now is the time to get right with the Lord Jesus Christ. 5/12/21
The joy of the LORD is our strength. 5/11/21
If we don't shine the light, who will? 5/10/21
Many are called, few are chosen. 5/7/21
God is stirring things up. 5/6/21
Too Little. Too Late. 5/5/21
Calloused hearts will not pay attention to God. 5/4/21
Want to have more faith? 5/3/21