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March 2022 Encouragements

The need for a listening ear and a teachable heart. 3/30/22
The only way to find my sweet spot in life. 3/29/22
What God says will be. 3/28/22
Make me know the way I should go. 3/25/22
The decision that will see you through. 3/24/22
LIes, lies, and more lies. Not all are walking in the truth. 3/23/22
We must learn to yield to the Spirit of God. 3/21/22
The gates of hell shall not succeed against it. 3/18/22
We must learn to rely more fully on Holy Spirit in these last days. 3/17/22
God's Word doesn't need tweaking. 3/16/22
Do the Word of God and the fruit of the Word will be your inheritance. 3/15/22
There's something we can do about a "lack of knowledge" if we will. 3/14/22
Our God is the Father of mercies and God of all comfort. 3/12/22
Follow after Jesus; not fakes. 3/11/22
It's time to be steadfast and immovable in God's work. 3/10/22
Have you "believed in vain?" 3/9/22
God can't keep your heart from being troubled; but He'll help you keep it.
The encouragement to be faithful especially in ttribultaiotn and suffering.