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June 2021 Encouragement

God’s antidote for bitterness and offense. 6/30/21
There are only two kinds of people. 6/29/21
Have we done what the Lord told us not to do? 6/28/21
This is the time to press in to Jesus. 6/25/21
Live for Jesus. Live with Jesus. 6/24/21
Doers of the Word get the promises of God. Be a doer of the Word.
There is no substitute for godly integrity. 6/22/21
Seeing what God wants to show us. 6/21/21
Know the truth and you’ll be able to spot evil people and imposters. 6/18/21
Determine to live your life passionate for Jesus. 6/17/21
Live life full throttle for Jesus. 6/16/21
Live for Jesus and you will live with Jesus. 6/15/21
The rebellion runs deep. 6/14/21
Only the people of God filled with the presence of God can save America. 6/11/21
Know when to say when. 6/9/21
Who Jesus is to you determines your eternity. 6/8/21
Prayer for Louisiana Pastor Tony Spell standing for religious liberty. 6/7/21
May God make us worthy of His calling. 6/4/21
If you stand for Jesus, Jesus will stand with you. 6/3/21
Good news in the midst of much conflict. 6/2/21
We are kept in the Father’s Name. 6/1/21