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June 2020 Encouragement

6/29/20 - Guard Your Heart Like A Guard Post
6/25/20 - The Lord Doesn't Want Any of Us to Lose the Way
6/22/20 - Live Your Life for Jesus and As Jesus
6/18/20 - Jesus Will Strengthen Those Who Ask. It's That Simple.
6/17/20 - Now Is The Time to Pursue Jesus
6/16/20 - Declare Your Love and Loyalty To Your Holy Father
6/11/20 - God Has Given Us What We Need to Navigate Life
6/9/20 - Serve the Purpose of God in This Generation
6/8/20 - Let God's Peace Filter Your Thoughts Today
6/5/20 - God Loves You and Will Not Ignore Your Prayers
6/4/20 - God Will Reveal His Mysteries to Those Who Will See
6/2/20 - Free to Do Right By God and My Fellow Man
6/1/20 - Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right