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July 2021 Encouragement

Science or Compliance? 8/2/21
Be faithful to God by obeying Jesus. 7/30/21
Go with God and you'll never regret it. 7/29/21
They serve their own appetites and not the Lord Jesus. 7/28/21
Let your light shine for Jesus and you'll never regret it. 7/26/21
Say what I want you to say. 7/23/21
God’s power is immeasurably great and released through our belief. 7/22/21
Now is the time to be about the Lord’s business. 7/21/21
When you’re doing wrong you can’t tolerate the truth. 7/20/21
Speaking truth in a world of deception has never been popular. 7/19/21
Now is the time. 7/16/21
On Jesus can save. 7/13/21
Ask for the ancient paths and walk in it. 7/12/21
Don't be misled by the doctrines of demons. 7/7/21
If God be for us...7/6/21
Do you want Jesus or just His blessings? 7/2/21
This is the day the Lord has made. 7/1/21