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July 2020 Encouragement

God says, "Do what I'm Doing and say what I"m Saying." 7/31/20
Watch what’s going on so you’ll know the course of action to take. 7/30/20
All nations will bow before the LORD our God. 7/29/20
We are witnessing the culmination of all History. 7/28/20
What to do when you feel troubled. 7/16/20
Why Jesus was hated and why You'll be hated. 7/14/20
Good intentions are not necessarily God's intentions. 7/13/20
Nothing takes the place of doing the will of the Lord. 7/10/20
Today is not a good day to quit on God. 7/9/20
Today is a good day to obey the voice of God. 7/8/20
The test of your faith. 7/6/20
7/3/20 - Why Do The Nations Rage?