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January 2022 Encouragements

Real love is godly action. 1/21/22
Our challenge to leave nothing undone the Lord has commanded. 1/20/22
What it looks like in part to be salt and light. 1/19/22
Rise up and live for Jesus in these last moments. 1/18/22
How to know God is among you. 1/17/22
How to be strengthened by God in 2022. 1/14/2022
The sin that will tie the hands of Jesus. 1/13/22
Their vine comes from Sodom. 1/12/22
Which god are you serving? 1/11/22
It’s never been more important to walk God’s way. 1/10/22
An amazing promise of God to embrace. 1/6/22
The best way to live is Jesus' way. 1/5/22
What it looks like to walk in a manner worthy of Jesus. 1/4/22
What does God expect from you? 1/3/22
Happy New Year 2022! See what God sees. Say what God says.