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February 2022 Encouragements

How to live as the Day of Christ approaches. 2/24/22
Holiness is just as essential for us today as it's ever been. 2/23/22
Now is the time to walk according to the calling by which we have been called. 2/22/22
There’s a reason God says “Examine yourselves.” 2/21/22
Fix your eyes on Jesus, the Source of our hope. 2/18/22
Our God is with us and our God is for us. 2/17/22
Silence in the face of evil is agreement with it. 2/16/22
Now is the time to get right and stay right with God. 2/15/22
Let’s leave a clear path for others to follow Jesus. 2/14/22
The essential component religion misses. 2/10/22
This is our time to be that city on a hill. 2/9/22
We need a Joseph mindset for the days ahead. 2/8/22
What God is looking for in people hasn't changed. 2/7/22
God’s discipline is not enjoyable but it can be beneficial. 2/4/22
There is no neutral position: God lovers or God haters. 2/3/22
God is looking for loyalty
“By human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes.” 2/1/22