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December 2021 Encouragement

Father, what would You have me do in 2022? 12/31/21
How to prepare for 2022. 12/30/21
Do you want it to go well with you? 12/29/21
Now is the time to equip yourself with the Word of God. 12/28/21
How can you know God better in 2022? 12/27/21
It’s a wonder thing to “find” Jesus. 12/25/21
With limited knowledge, God led them to Jesus. 12/23/21
Jesus is the light in this present darkness. 12/22/21
The grace of God has appeared. That’s Christmas! 12/22/21
And then the end will come. 12/20/21
Blessed is the one who considers the poor. 12/17/21
When Jesus comes again He's not coming quietly. 12/16/21
This is the time for us to be strengthened in the faith. 12/15/21
Come, Thou long expected Jesus. 12/14/21
Prayerful is powerful. Prayer-less is powerless. 12/8/21
They worshipped Jesus and freely gave. 12/7/21
Are you mostly complimentary or critical? 12/6/21
Now is the time to call this generation to Jesus. 12/3/21
An opportunity to set the record straight. 12/2/21