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August 2022 Encouragements

The Lord says, "I will not revoke the punishment." 9/12/22
Go after Jesus with all your heart. 9/9/22
The battle belongs to the Lord and He’ll use us in the fight. 8/29/22
Jesus is Lord over all. 8/25/22
"Why will you die?" 8/24/22
Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial. 8/23/22
God won't do what He expects us to do. 8/22/22
How to obtain mercy. 8/19/22
If it doesn't exalt Jesus, it's not of God. 8/18/22
Turn to Jesus now and live. 8/17/22
Jesus said, "Take heart, I have overcome the world." 8/12/22
Are you grasping what God has given you? 8/11/22
What's it going to take? 8/10/22
Whose business are you conducting? 8/9/22
You can live for the glory of man or for the glory of God. But you can’t do both. 8/8/22
What to do when your endurance has perished. 8/6/22
It’s through endurance and the encouragement of the Scripture that we have hope. 8/5/22
The decision you will never regret making. 8/4/22
It's always been either for God or against Him. 8/3/22
Have you abandoned your first love? 8/2/22
Will we repent? 8/1/22