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August 2021 Encouragement

By his cunning he shall make deceit prosper. 8/27/2021
We belong to Jesus. 8/26/21
Be wise as serpents. 8/25/21
Earn your keep. 8/24/21
Say "yes" to God's best. 8/23/21
The River of God is flowing. Get in. Stay in. 8/19/21
"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil." 8/17/21
Our mandate: shine for Jesus till He comes or we go.
The most basic boundary that defines you is your skin. 8/16/21
Live full throttle for Jesus. 8/13/21
Pure religion. There's more to it than I remembered. 8/12/21
Contrary to all the rules of science. 8/11/21
Our mission isn't over. 8/9/21
Lukewarm living is living spiritually bored. 8/6/21
Remember: Jesus won and Jesus wins! 8/5/21
If anyone is not willing to work let him not eat. 8/4/21
Science or compliance? 8/3/2021