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August 2020 Encouragement

Renew your strength as you fight the good fight of faith. 8/31/20
The kind of prayer God answers. 8/27/20
Thank God for the Word of God. 8/26/20
Really knowing God will give you strength for what's ahead. 8/25/20
In God's courts you'll find favor and honor. 8/24/20
Live life with "eyes wide open." 8/22/20
Faith and love are eternally connected. 8/21/20
Get your eyes on Jesus. 8/20/20
There's something different about this land. Return to God, America. 8/18/20
Take time to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord. 8/13/20
What God expects of me. 8/12/20
When God says something is "great," it is! 8/11/20
The birth pains are here. 8/10/20
Watch what you listen to. 8/4/20
Every day is a new day to live out the Word of God. 8/3/20