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April 2022 Encouragements

The battle belongs to the Lord; still we must show up to the fight. 4/30/22
We must not only live right but finish well. 4/29/22
Faithfulness is not optional. 4/28/22
What to do when overwhelmed. 4/27/22
Are the things important to me important to God? 4/26/22
We'll have to make time to spend time with God. 4/22/22
"Be ready for the Son of Man is coming." 4/21/22
Of Your own have we given You. 4/20/22
How to get faith and find freedom in God. 4/19/22
Most people are looking for what's cheap or easy. 4/18/22
Following Jesus is what we were made for. 4/16/22
God's blessing on this Good Friday. 4/15/22
One way to know if you really belong to Jesus. 4/14/22
What to do when you hear God's voice calling. 4/13/22
Now is the time to fully represent the kingdom of God. 4/12/22
God rewards humility and obedience. 4/11/22