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April 2021 Encouragement

The deception is all around us. Can you see it? 4/30/21
The battle belongs to the Lord; still we must show up to the fight. 4/29/21
Now is the time to have a heart that is courageous in the ways of the Lord. 4/28/21
What really matters in the end is what really matters now. 4/27/21
Did Jesus hate His own life? 4/26/21
We need God and each other more as we see the Day approaching. 4/21/21
Jesus said we need to interpret the times we’re living in. 4/20/21
The kind of worship God accepts. 4/19/21
You can’t afford to be wrong about Jesus. 4/16/21
A breach of faith is never a good thing. 4/15/21
You can live with fear; or you can live with a sound mind 4/14/21
Godless parents don’t have to define you. 4/13/21
Get wisdom. And by all means get insight! 4/12/21
Your wilderness moments can be the center of God's will. 4/8/21
Be aware: the devil twists Scripture to match his agenda. 4/7/21
What it looks like to really love God. 4/6/21
God's plan is right on track. 4/3/21
Jesus completed His mission. How about you? 4/2/21